Seamless Flooring

Advanced Polymer Flooring supplies colour Chips (also known as colour “flakes” or “fleck”) for use as a decorative element in durable seamless flooring systems. Our Chips are commonly used as a component in resin-based flooring systems designed to aesthetically enhance residential, commercial, and industrial environments such as garages, utility rooms, basements, high traffic foyers, entryways, corridors, restrooms, and warehouse spaces.

Our Chips are uniquely formulated to absorb basecoat and topcoat resins. This chemical property facilitates the creation of durable coating systems that resist component delamination. In over 15 years of production we are not aware of any Chip incompatibilities with resin systems.

Our Chips are available in Large and small and also have a limited range of fine and micro. Chip size contributes to the texture and appearance of a resin-based flooring sys-tem.
There will be a slight variation in average Chip size and shape due to manufacturing and transport process. Some dust will be present within each package.


  • Decorative
  • Water-Base Chemistry
  • Excellent Colour Range
  • Striped Colors
  • Various Sizes
  • Flat Surface / Thin Profile
  • Fire Resistant
  • UV Resist
  • 12.5kg. Boxes Available
  • Excellent coverage Average (3 M2/kg)
  • Lies flatter, which means less sanding
  • Colour fast, no bleeding into the base coat

We have a great range of colours to choose from depend-ing on your requirements — just let us know the colours you are chasing.